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What is SEcube™

SEcube is a combination of three main cores in a single-chip design. Low-power ARM Cortex-M4 processor, a flexible and fast Field-Programmable-Gate-Array (FPGA), and an EAL5+ certified Security Controller (SmartCard) are embedded in an extremely compact package.

This makes it a unique security environment where each function can be optimised, executed, and verified on its proper hardware device.

The SEcube platform is based on a modular software architecture where all the functional blocks are isolated and well documented

DevKit secube

Why use SEcube™

What is so special about SEcube is that you get state-of-the-art technology in one single chip. No need to source separate components. The SEcube platform is already optimised and tested for immediate developments.

In a very small form factor (BGA 9x9mm) SEcube features all the useful standard interfaces, which make it suitable for implementations in many and most host devices thus making it versatile for various use, from IoT to Biomedical and ICT applications or any other application you may think of, which we haven’t yet thought of!

Security oriented, SEcube is the choice for any developments having "protection" at heart, whether in motion or at rest, data is protected by sophisticated security mechanisms. So put your mind at rest, when using SEcube your information is intrinsically safe. Developers are provided with an easy-to-use, high-security abstraction layer. Security experts can verify, change, or write from scratch the whole system starting from the elementary low-level blocks.

Embedded environment

SoC (System-on-Chip) designed to address developers and manufacturers who require a fast way to go from prototype to product, minimising the development risks

Fast integration

Powerful security-oriented open hardware and software platform, easy to be integrated and capable of hiding all the complexity behind a simple and high-level set of APIs

Open source hardware and software

Blu5 software is published as open source tools, available for extension by developers. Being open, the description and the technical details of the platform are completely available: hardware netlist, the package, examples of schematics to plug the chip into possible boards, complete software stack (including APIs) and development kit for the easy creation of new applications and products. Take a look at our resources for more information

Security oriented

Hardware architecture based on Common Criteria certified element, make SEcube the most suited environment. Featuring a fast and flexible FPGA, the platform is conceived for security system developers and integrators, which require a high level of customisation and the complete control of their solutions

What do I get for SEcube™

SEcube is a combination of hardware and software

Open Source firmware SEcube Open Source firmware, libraries and applications for free
  • 10Mb/s USB and SDCard communication drivers
  • AES256, SHA256, CMAC-AES256
  • HW AES256, single session, 100 Mb/s
  • SEfile™ basic libraries, for data at rest protection
  • SElink™ basic libraries, for data in motion protection
Optimized firmware SEcube Optimized firmware, libraries and applications by order
  • Smart Boot-loader, multi interface, fast and safe FW injection
  • 100Mb/s USB and SDCard communication drivers
  • Low power management libraries (dynamic, stop, standby)
  • Key Management libraries (generation, update, storage, etc.)
  • Communication libraries (vocoders, negotiation, etc.)
  • SHA256, CMAC-AES256, Elliptic Curves (up to 521-bit), RSA (up to 2048-bit)
  • JavaCard Blu5 Crypto Applet (based on EAL5+ security chip)
  • Ultra Fast, HW AES256 ECB/CBC/CFB/OFB/CTR, 1.6 Gb/s
  • SEfile™ high speed libraries, for data at rest protection 2 cache levels
  • SElink™ libraries, for data in motion protection unlimited sessions